Painting a nice mid-century table…or not?

I have this really cool mid-century dining table that does not have a matching set of chairs. It was in the house when we bought it, which gives me the feeling of liberty to get creative with it. So I’m thinking of painting it glossy white along with a set of chairs that are in storage. Is it a sinful act to paint a cool antique piece? I’ve been flip-flopping on this project for about a year. What do you think?

Here’s a pic of the table from before we moved in. The house has changed almost 200% since then, but it’s the only shot of the table I have handy. I sold the chairs and got 4 of these guys from Ikea, though I’m really regretting it with the cats. I’d give my eye teeth to have made this choice instead.
Are you a good kitsch or a bad kitsch?