Taxes, laundry, dirt, and ba-ba-ba.

I sat up last night and did our taxes, alternately grinning and scowling as I watched the Turbo Tax numbers roll up-up-up, then down. Then up, then down, then up. Woohoo! Up is good. So we’ll have a little refund this year, which is awesome because we have a handful of things we really should get done around the house. On our list is to finish the 3rd floor bedroom so we can sleep up there and give Will his own room. We need to fence in the backyard. A new refrigerator would be both an energy and money saver over the year (the one we have is probably 20 years old.) and I think I heard about a tax credit for trading up to an Energy Star model. We also really need a new central air unit and a new roof. Re-doing the bathroom would be a luxury project, but it’s on our top 10. Oooh so many options!

Or we could just invest it all in Toyota.

We’re antsy today. It’s too soon for this much cabin fever. It’s laundry time and instead of spending the whole day running load after load, we’re indulging in the luxury of drop off service. With 2 kids at home and full-time jobs, our weekends are more often than not spent playing catch up with chores.  To drop off a few bags of clothes and let someone do it is just magical to me. It’s like buying back a big chunk of time.

I’m getting my late winter/early spring gardening bug. It always happens around this time of year. My brain starts pacing around, thinking “Plant something! Put stuff in the ground. When? Now? Is it time yet? Now? Now??” I guess after so many years in southeast Texas it never got used to the northern timing. So I’m planning out our backyard gardens, one for flowers and one for edibles. I found this neat planner on the Gardener’s Supply Company website that will help plan your layout and then give you a shopping list, timing, and planting guide. I think we’re going to do 2 large cedar raised beds between the yard and the pool. I had such big plans to landscape last year but then was so frikkin’ pregnant I couldn’t manage.

Baby Will is laying next to us on the couch just chatting away. He whispered “Ma Ma” to me again this morning, but hasn’t said it out loud yet. It’s so funny. He will go on and on with the “Ba ba ba ba baaa” but it’s as though he’s not sure he’s saying “Mama” right yet, so for now he just whispers. So cute.

He had his checkup this past Wednesday. The doctor cleared him for baby food, so we’ve started him on sweet potatoes and bananas. He chows down on an entire container in one sitting, obviously his father’s son. The doctor said he’s in the 20th and 25th percentile in weight and length, but his head is in the 50th, which means we caught him at the beginning of a growth spurt. His head gets bigger and then the rest of him catches up, which is amusing to me. The doctor said he’s perfect and that he’s very flirty. He likes to make the eyes and grin at people. Everyone from the lady who watches him during the day to his doctor says he is especially mellow and happy, the most easygoing baby they’ve ever known.

So all is good here. Lots to do, lots of fun. Just waiting out the winter. Hopefully everyone is doing well.

Go Saints!