FLOR!, originally uploaded by Alana Waters-Piper.

Baby knees need something soft to crawl on. I found out that FLOR has an outlet site, then picked up 20 of the 19.7″ tiles in “Curry” @ only $5.99 apiece. Score! Plus I love how the mustard yellow breaks up all the blue and green in here.

Can you tell that winter is my nesting time?

Speaking of nests, this morning I woke up to a handful of cute little black-capped chickadees on the flat box feeder that hangs outside the window seat in the living room. A couple of days ago Dave saw downy woodpeckers on the suet feeder in the back, and we’ve seen cardinals here and there as well. Lots of winter action!

Chez Chickadee

PS: Please know that any reference to a specific product is only because I want to share something I enjoy, got a great deal on, etc. It’s never because I’ve been paid to blog about it. Nevah evah.