New sofa!

This is the first brand-new sofa I have ever bought in my entire life. So excited! It’s the Clarke sofa from Chiasso. It really opens up the living area, where the old sectional really closed it off. It’s long enough for Dave to stretch out and is covered in a really pretty, very soft fabric that’s somewhere between linen and microfiber.

The print over the sofa is a mass-produced piece that I’m ashamed to admit I bought at Ikea. I had a hard rule never to buy mass-produced art, but when I saw it, it summed up how I feel as a mother so perfectly that I decided it was a worthy exception.

As for the Zbrick, I already have the bucket of biscuit-white paint to cover that up. Hopefully this weekend!

New sofa!, originally uploaded by Alana Waters-Piper.