We finally found “the one”…Our soul sofa.

Who knew finding something as basic as a sofa could be so danged involved?? When you have a 6’5″ husband whose sole requirement is to be able to stretch out on the couch, that alone locks out 95% of what’s out there. Then I wanted something with clean-lines that could be a blank slate for whatever decorating craziness phase I go through. And then there was the budget, shipping charges, fabrics, oy VEY! And who knew how many offensively ugly new sofas there were on the market!

But last night I found it. At 88″ long, Dave should be comfy and it seems like it’ll be plenty deep for Sophia and I to curl up for movie nights. Now we can get rid of that behemoth sectional that’s hogging all the space in our tiny mid-century cottage living room.
Today Dave is ripping the carpet out of  the living & dining rooms. He’s been working his way through the house, exposing the hardwood floors. So far they’ve been in really good shape. Lucky break! I’ll be thrilled to get this *white* carpet out of here. I am not nearly grown up or responsible enough to own a house with white carpet on the floor.

I guess that’s the good part about being laid off. All my mental energy that was being spent on worrying about what was going to happen when they announced the office closing is now going toward the house. On the short list, finish up the small details left in Sophia’s room, paint the brick wall a biscuit white, get the carpet torn up, unload the sectional on Craigslist, get the new sofa in place, rearrange the living room to suit it, then start the bathroom project.

Now I need to hunt down tips for keeping these cats from clawing up the new couch. If Dave sees so much as one claw pop out around that thing, one of those poor kitties is going to be hobbling around on a tiny furry stump.