Today is the day I got laid off.

I never-ever-ever blog about work. Today I make an exception.

My employer the client I work for told us their employees they’re moving our offices out to the east coast this past fall. We were told we would be needed until the office closed in July. We were told this over and over and over, but our actual employer kept pretty mum until today. They asked us for available time slots this past Monday, then one-by-one, one-on-one told us what our fates were. I fully expected to hear what I had been told over and over would happen. We’d be asked if we could stay and offered a bonus to keep working ’til the lights were turned off. Instead, today I was told that my “position is being eliminated” and that my “duties will be absorbed elsewhere”.

Today I deserve a martini. A pomagranite one in a pretty glass rimmed with cinnamon sugar.

And a bubble bath.

And something extra soft to curl up in and on.

And sole control of the remote.


Oh, and here’s the link to my portfolio in case anyone’s looking for a really good, funny, nice, hard-working Design Manager who makes really yummy pomegranate martinis.