Sophia’s pre-tween bedroom

bed wall, originally uploaded by Alana Waters-Piper.

1 week after Sophia turned 8, she became a big sister. We couldn’t have our star helper feeling left out with all the attention paid to preparing our nest for a new baby. Little by little we’ve been pulling her room out of the little girl princess phase to a pre-tween hang out space with plenty of cozy nooks to curl up, read, entertain friends, or watch a movie. This past summer we found a great deal on a twin-sized Jenny Lind bed, which we figure will last until grandchildren come for visits someday. Dave pulled up the carpet, exposing beautiful hardwood floors and we painted the walls a soft celadon. We needed lots of storage cubbies for all of Sophia’s Barbie dolls, musical instruments, and art supplies. Our favorite new feature is the giant tent over the bed that can be pulled closed for imagination time or just a little extra privacy from the prying eyes of a little brother.
Baby Will
The room is still a work in progress, but we’ll be posting updates as we go along.
There are more pics of her room if you click here.