House Stalking

House Stalking, originally uploaded by Alana Waters-Piper.

A while ago Sophia and I toured this home during an open house. At the time we just weren’t in any position to make the move. Growing up in Houston, there are tons of gorgeous old Craftsman bungalows, so that was always at the top of my dream house list. The perfect place would be walking distance to the train, have a front porch, fireplace, upstairs, 2+ bathrooms, at least 3 bedrooms, a full basement, fenced in yard, recently updated kitchen…and this place had all of those things. The owner bought it to flip back in 2007 and was never able to sell it, so her son moved in (he had done the renovation work) to ride it out until the place sold. My vision of us in this place is so focused that it borders on obsession. So today I’ll drive by and stick a note in their mailbox asking if it’s still available. We’ll see!

 Next steps: sign a formal offer to buy or hire an attorney to respond to a restraining order.