Sophia’s latest

This past Sunday Sophia and I went to a preview show of the new Redmoon Theater holiday production. It was so sweet and magical. There was a little girl sitting next to me who kept exclaiming, “Oh! Look Mama!” So cute. Sophia spent most of the show snuggled up under my arm, very much enjoying having me all to herself. I have to say that it was nice to have some alone time with her as well. We’ve been going to Redmoon productions since she was about 4 and she’s always loved them, so I treated her to her own child’s membership at the end of Sunday’s show. She’s officially a Bam!bastic!
Sophia making paper flowers with one of the actresses before the show.
 Sophia getting juggling lessons before the show.
Last night Sophia’s school had their fall production, “Nuts!” in which Sophia played a “Big, Bad Squirrel”. We all thought it was the best program the school had put on since she’s been going there. She sang loud, strong, and gave a very confident and inspired performance. Dave and I were very impressed with how well she acted out her role. No phoning it in for her!
When we got home. Sophia decided we need to do a family photo, Georgie included, with her camera phone. While not a great quality image, I love this photo so much. You can see Sophia giggling at Georgie reaching out to give Will a kiss.