Rollin rollin rollin

Milestone day! 9 weeks and 2 days, flipped from front to back.

Will was laying on my chest earlier and kept pushing really hard with his feet, crawling his way up toward my neck. I thought he could use a little tummy time while I clean up in the kitchen and laid him down on his play mat. I sprayed off the stove top, then peeked around the corner at him and he was gone! Faster than you can actually read this, I thought, “He’s gone! What the?? There’s no way, he can’t crawl…can he? NO way.” then ran to where he was. He rolled off the mat and under the coffee table. I called Dave and we made him do it again. On the belly, a push with his little sausage legs, then FLIP! He didn’t seem proud of himself, but more impressed with his change of scenery.

Aww! Next thing you know he’ll be doing our taxes.