Dare I say it? Do we have a baby who…maybe…sleeps through the night??

And now that I’ve said it out loud, we’ll go back to feedings every 2 hours. But WOW what a great feeling to wake up and realize that we slept for a real stretch.

Dave and I woke up Saturday morning in a slight panic. Something was really wrong. What was it? Oh yeah! We weren’t exhausted and Will was still asleep! The first thing I did was put a finger under his tiny nose to see if he was breathing. Yup. How lucky is this? I don’t trust it will last. It’s too good to be true. But then he did it again Sunday and again last night.

We’re crossing our fingers that this is our new way of life. Sleep is good.

But now we have a new hurdle. Poor guy doesn’t want to take the bottle for Steph, who has been watching him during the day. She said today was pretty rough. He didn’t want to eat and he didn’t want to nap. I ended up leaving work a little early to get him and take him home to nurse. Dave and I are going to head out in a bit to see if we can find some bottle options that might appeal to him a little better. I hear that babies often have to try several different types of bottle nipples until they find one that they like. I just can’t bear the thought of my poor little guy being hungry and fussy all day just because he wants to nurse. 🙁