H1N1 immunizations

I made appointments for all of us to go get vaccinated against the H1N1 and seasonal flu virus this week. Mine was this morning and I was astonished at how much confusion there still is about how to proceed. At first the clinic said yes, I should get the shot because I have a newborn at home. Then they said no, because I’m breast feeding. Then yes again, but it had to be the mist because they don’t have enough of the injectable. Then the doctor said “ehh…not sure” about the mist because it’s a live vaccine where the shot is not. They settled on the mist, but I apparently was the first patient who had received it at their clinic, so a group of 4 nurses all looked on as they tried to figure out how to dispense it. The mist comes in a syringe that has 2 clips on it. You pull the first clip off and press the plunger down to the second clip, misting the vaccine into the first nostril. Then you pull the second clip off of the plunger and mist the rest into the second nostril. It seems simple enough, but the thing comes with so much information attached to it that it’s overwhelmingly confusing.

For something that is dominating the news so much, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation swirling around. And some places aren’t even starting the H1N1 shots until late November even though the President has already proclaimed this a pandemic and a national emergency! This whole thing seems to be such a mess. I’ll be glad when my little family is protected so we can just get out of the way. Good luck people.