Oh boy have I been a babbling fool for this baby, especially in the past couple of days. The night before my birthday we were looking at each other and he just lit up with the biggest grin. His eyes were smiley, the dimples were out, and gums showing in this big, happy smile. Talk about a “get out of jail free” card! We had a hard day, he had been fussy, and I had my hands extra full, but then that big ol’ grin just wiped it all clear. Ever since then, I’ve been googling and making faces, anything I can do to get another one. I can see it coming, too. He’ll lock eyes with me, open his mouth in this soft little “ahh” shape, then if I hit on just the right sound or face, he’ll turn up the ends of his cute little mouth in the biggest grin. I LOVE it! Dave said I’m like a crack addict for the baby grins now. Oh I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when he smiles like that. It’s fantastic, sweet, pure, joy.