Sick, Browsing, & Camping Road Trips

I’m on the upswing from a really bad bout of mastitis (which is surprisingly common for an affliction knew nothing about until a few days ago). While Dave was out of town, I had a fever that fluctuated between 102-103 degrees, could barely walk or see straight, and felt like someone was driving ice picks into my joints and then threw me into a rock tumbler. It was miserable. I was alone with Will and had to take care him and take care of myself while I cycled from hot sweats to really bad chills. First, not knowing what the symptoms of mastitis were, I thought I had the flu. It was so bad, I thought maybe (just maybe, and trying not to be paranoid) even the H1N1 virus. Then I was scared that I’d pass it on to the baby. Imagine being relieved to find out that it’s “only” a massive breast infection. I was just happy that it wasn’t something I could pass to him. So off to the hospital we went.

I’m feeling much better now and should be back on my feet tomorrow. But while I’ve been resting, I’ve had plenty of time to let Google lead me from one thought to the next. Something I always come back to is getting a pop up camper or even an old vintage trailer to restore. I happened across this site for a company in Indiana that sells decent vintage camper shells that you can restore yourself. Awfully tempting.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for many years. But then again, we could store a pop up camper in the garage and it would be a lot lower on the wind resistance out on the road. Next summer when our friends Josh and Jen get married in Denver, we’re going to take the kids on a big circle road trip across South Dakota, then over to Yellowstone, on down through Colorado to visit my brother and his wife, then back up to Chicago. We thought a camper would be a great way to further enjoy the national and state parks. Can you imagine having the memory of a family road trip where you sat with your mom and watched the sun set over the Badlands? One way or another we’ll try and pull that off.

Ok, that’s plenty for now. I’m off to sleep and hopefully tomorrow we can take some slightly belated 1 month photos of Baby Will. He’s just getting more handsome every day. 🙂