Daddy Made Mommy a Mixtape

When Dave and I first started dating, I was driving one of the new VW Beetles. They didn’t come with CD players, only tape decks. So when I went over to his apartment for the first time and saw his vinyl collection and tape deck, I jokingly asked him to make me a mixtape, then forgot about it. Later, I went to Thailand for 17 days and left my keys with Dave in case the car needed to be moved. After I returned, I got in my car the next morning to go to work and there it was, a tape sticking out of the player labeled “Surprise. It’s a mixed tape.”

A mixtape. From vinyl. That’s love.

Every song was a hilarious treat. He started off with LaGrange by ZZ Top (an homage to my home state, sort of), then went into Love Song by The Damned, then a cute array of Buzzcocks, Wire, and winding up with the Superbowl Shuffle. If you know Dave, you know what a perfect representation of his personality that mix was.

Then we got married, and now here’s Will. Just like the shirt says. 🙂