3 weeks

I know Will was technically 3 weeks old yesterday, but we’re in the “sleep for 20 minutes, eat for 20 minutes, poop, rinse, repeat” bubble. Time means nothing to this guy. He’s a go-with-the-flow kind of baby. Just because it’s nighttime doesn’t mean you have to sleep. How conventional!

From everything I’ve been reading through very blurry, sleep-deprived eyes, he’s at his 3 week growth spurt. The Internet says I’m supposed to just give it up, put on something comfortable, and accept the fact that I’ll be in bed for a few days. Honestly, it was a relief to read that. Just stop fighting to try and do silly things like bathe and eat on a normal schedule, just be there for the baby and that’s it. Poor Dave. I bet he comes home from work, looks at me, and thinks, “Dang my wife is HOT. Who knew how sexy unwashed hair stuffed into a ratty ponytail could be? And that old bathrobe? Meow!” –Not.

The good part is that Will gained 8 ounces over 4 days. Half a pound! My little sack of sugar. He’s so cute that I just can’t stop smooching him. I swear we can see him growing every day.