Big sisters

This morning Sophia hopped out of bed with no prodding. She stumbled right into our bedroom, nearly toppling over as she tried to round the corner without being fully awake yet. It reminded me of Rossi’s controlled skids around tight turns in the Moto GP. So funny.

Today is picture day and Sophia had her very 80’s outfit all laid out. We pinned her hair up in a knot last night while it was still damp, so when we pulled it down this morning her face was framed with the cutest loose ringlets that she held back with a wide pink headband. The shirt is absolutely something that would have hung in my 1985 closet, a wide purple and black plaid with thick cuffs rolled up past the elbow and cinched at the waist. When we got to the school, I noticed that this is the common vibe with the girls her age. “Vintage 80’s” wear. THAT makes me feel old.

But before we left for our walk over to her school, she tied on her little black Converse and skipped out to the backyard to prep the stroller. She’s been planning this day for MONTHS. -The day she would push her little brother to school, pausing to show him off for anyone who wanted to peek under the canopy. Once we met the crossing guard, her proud peacock sister feathers spread wide. I had been in labor on her first day of school, so I didn’t know where her new class lined up yet. If you can picture the top left hand corner of a rectangle, know that we entered the campus at the bottom left and she led us all the way around the block to the entry instead of just cutting up the left side of the building. I laughed about this all the way home. Her route ensured maximum exposure to anyone she might show Will off to. So funny. She is so proud and so loving toward him. All she wants to do is participate in his care. She’s the first to help buckle his car seat, to want to hold him, to feed him. She coos over him, stroking his cheeks so gently with her fingers. Those fingers seem huge to me now after pouring over Will’s features all weekend while Sophia was at her dad’s. The first thing I noticed about her was how thick her hands seem after holding his tiny little digits for the past few days.

Then this afternoon Autumn sent along a package containing “a gift for the mommy and a gift for the baby”. My sweet first girl. She had selected one of those stuffed bears that make womb sounds meant to comfort a newborn. Then there was this really cool tri-fold changing wallet that you can clip to the stroller for when you don’t want to lug a huge diaper bag. We love them both and I think it was a very sweet gesture for her to come down from teenager-land for a bit to reach out.

This little boy has no idea how many people are already hovering around him, showering him with tons of affection, just waiting for him to be able to play.