The doctor just checked up on me and told us that today will be the day. She said that they’ll be admitting me to the swanky new labor and delivery suite soon, then will start an i.v. No laboring in the tub for me because of the emergency c-section I had with Autumn. I’m really sad about that. But hey, we get to meet our son today and that’s awesome. Dave and I just looked at each other with wide eyes and grins when she told us that he was well on his way.

Sophia started 3rd grade this morning. Poor bean had to be pulled out of bed at 2am in her PJs and taken over to Steph’s house. When I woke her up I said, “Wake up sweetie. Your brother decided to come now.” She replied, “Why does he have to come right now?” in a very annoyed voice.

I was so looking forward to seeing her trot off to class, new backpack, excited to meet her new teacher and see her old friends. When I told her how sorry I was she said, “It’s OK. I’ll survive. I’m with my friends.”

Oh my. So after school she’ll be heading down to the hospital to be with us. I think that Dave’s sisters may be driving up from Peoria as well.

11:45 Water just broke! We’re on the roller coaster and the chain is pulling us up that first big hill!