Movie jukebox and buttery yellow entry

Last night Dave and I geeked out with the new netbook a bit. We picked up a 1 terabyte external hard drive (lots of movie storage!), a VGA cable, and hooked the whole thing up to our stereo & flat panel TV in the living room.

Open the iTunes on the netbook, rent a movie on the spot for $3.99, download and play a few minutes later on the TV. Eek! When I was riding to Blockbuster with Melia back in high school to rent Breakfast Club, we would never have fathomed such a thing. SO cool!

After giving the front door the evil eye for months, today was the day when I was motivated to get that thing painted. We settled on a high gloss butter yellow. In some insane burst of pregnancy nesting I sanded and painted it in a couple of hours. I have NO idea where that came from. Now it’s leaning against the mailbox while Dave sorts out the new brushed nickel hardware. I’m pooped. Hot bath needed. Zzzzz.