Bathroom plans

Dave mentioned tonight that he has run out of house projects. Well honey, I’m glad you mentioned it! Sitting home waiting for the baby has left me with lots of HGTV time and I’ve been thinking about that teensy 50’s bathroom just up the stairs.

This is where we are today:
New bathroom

This is what we moved in to:
Bathroom - the tile is awesome!

I’d like to strip everything out except the tub, which needs to be refinished with fresh white porcelain. I’d get rid of the tiles except for white subway tile up the walls just around the tub, something flat with no beveled edges, then add these light and airy fixtures. The room is SO tiny that everything needs to be very breezy.

After seeing me browsing bathroom decor, Dave gave me a desperate look and said, “PLEASE do not start ripping tile out tomorrow. NO. Really. I’m serious. Please don’t. I’m not even kidding.”

I think he knows how bored I’ve been and how antsy for a project I am. Relax sweetie. I might not.