All hat and no cattle

I would like to play my “no contractions if we’re not really giving birth yet” card, please.

I just don’t think it’s fair to drop onto an endcap shelf in the grocery store, huffing and panting, unless it’s GOING SOMEWHERE. I want to be able to go for a walk so badly. It’s really lonely staying at the house by myself so much of the time.

We went to the doctor yesterday and I’m just under 2 centimeters dilated. It’s official. I have the laziest cervix in history. The doctor kindly reassured me that I’m still a few days shy of my due date and to just be patient. She said that if nothing is rolling by next week that we will absolutely strip my membranes and do some serious labor encouragement. Rah rah! C’mon dilation!

I had this same problem with both girls. With Autumn I never dilated at all even after being induced and with Sophia, only after they did the stripping.

We’re trying so hard to be patient, but it’s just taking SO long.