Sophia turns 8

We hosted a “spa party” in the backyard for Sophia and her girlfriends in celebration of her 8th birthday. We hired a local company that specializes in these things who came out and set up a mini spa station where the girls lined up to have their nails done and get mini mud mask facials. Oh man, you should have seen them all, the little flock of chicks.

Dave was such an amazingly great sport. I frequently look at him and wonder, “Dude, are you *sure* you meant to get yourself into this???” -Especially during those times when he’s surrounded by a gaggle of girls all chanting that he has to get a facial masque. Never wanting to let down his fans, he gave in and was the rock star of the party. Claire stood next to him, shaking her head the entire time and saying, “::sigh:: Oh Dave. ::sigh:: Dave, Dave, Dave.” So funny. They’re such little old women!

Third grade is such a funny age. They just start becoming aware of notions like fashion and hair. The conversations about style, shoes, outfits and such were just too funny to overhear. But then they spontaneously broke out into a big Ring Around the Rosie. Still little girls, but starting to peek their heads into the big girl stuff.

Sophia ditched her training wheels earlier this summer, so Dave and I got her a really nice 7 speed mountain bike that she should be able to keep for at least 2-3 years, unless she really sprouts up. It’s been impossible to keep her off it since we handed over the keys yesterday morning. It’s so much taller than her first bike, and with the height she’s gained over this summer she just looks so much older. There isn’t an ounce of toddler left in her face. No doubt about it, she’s in the early stages of “tween”. ::sniffle::

If it’s a trail bike, why would you ever ride on the sidewalk if you can ride on the grass?

Happy Birthday sweet Fifi. We love you to the moon and back a gazillion-trillion-billion times.