Weekly check up

We all went to the doctor’s office this morning to get the weekly baby checkup. As it turns out, Will measures at 38 weeks, but I’m only 37 as of today. He’s so proactive! But that brings up the issue, exactly how big is this guy going to be??? The thing on my mind the whole pregnancy is how tall my husband is and how is that going to translate to a baby? What if he’s a little linebacker and not the 7.5 pound dumpling I’m hoping for? I mean, I got the hips, but not those hips!

Heartbeat is all great, good and strong. The nurse practitioner drilled us on the game plan. We go in once contractions get to about 7-9 minutes apart if there’s no traffic. If there is traffic, 10-12. Good lord please don’t let me have this baby in a logjam on the side of the Eisenhower. Our town is just 20 minutes from downtown, but it can quickly turn into an hour plus with normal traffic. We’ve even discussed getting a hotel room once the contractions get within a certain window.

I’m really excited because my brother Jamie sent me a text this afternoon and said that he’s planning on coming out to see his nephew really soon after he’s born. Eek! That’s so cool! My family have all been so sweet, always checking in, and generally being really present during the pregnancy. I’m so thankful for it all. I’m already planning a spring break road trip down to Texas to pass through and see folks with both Sophia and Will in tow.