Waiting to fill the spaces…week 37

Last night Dave and I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at the changing table, then the bassinet, talking about how it’s empty now but it won’t be for long. We speculated on what Will is going to be like, how tiny he will be, and how amazing the whole process is. Technically he is here, just a couple of inches away from us, yet we can’t touch, see, or hold him.

We wonder about Sophia’s role as big sister and hope that she won’t feel somehow sidelined, left out, or less important. Both of us try very hard to make sure she feels included. She makes decisions, picks things out, and is encouraged to share her ideas on how the baby’s environment should be. She shoos the cats away from the pack and play, which is set up waiting in the living room (they think it’s a new nap spot just for them) and asks to practice pushing the stroller. She’s very excited about getting to push Will around in the stroller.

I just looked over at the naming poll and saw that it says “17 days left” for voting. Even with the current rounds of contractions, it seem like the delivery is so far away. But I guess he has to come out at some point, right? So I like that timer. No matter what, in 1 month from now, at the very latest, we will have a little baby boy here with us. My body says sooner, but I’m trying not to get anxious. Let’s just pretend it’ll be in a month so that we can be pleasantly surprised if he gets here sooner.