Baby showers and slumber parties

Sunday afternoon Stephanie and Laura hosted a baby shower over at Steph’s house, just a few blocks up the road from our place. The place was completely decked out with streamers everywhere, banners, balloons, and tons of goodies. Jen, Paula, Megan, Sam, Liz, Nikki, Alicia, Laura, Stephanie, and our token male Scott were there. Everyone just gathered in the living room and gabbed for a couple of hours while they enjoyed mimosas and Nikki’s hit sangria. The atmosphere was warm and easy-going. It was perfect. No painful shower games, no candy bar diapers, none of that. It was exactly what I had hoped for. I curled up on the couch while people brought me cupcakes and presents. That’s the life!

Then Sunday and Monday night Sophia had girlfriends over for a slumber party. It’s actually easier when she has friends over because they all play together so well. They’re at an age where they’ll sit in her room and play Barbies and makeup for hours, only occasionally coming downstairs to give Dave and I a look at what they’ve done to themselves. Too funny. I remember thinking that eyeshadow should most definitely be blue and be applied from the lash line to the eyebrow. I had a set of 3 young Miss Divines running around singing songs from Camp Rock all night. They’re so entertaining.

Sophia has been so sweet and helpful. She knows I can’t move around much right now and has been very enthusiastic about getting things in place for the baby. She takes on extra chores without anyone suggesting them and is generally so lovey dovey that it totally melts my heart. She just wants to participate and be a great big sister. I couldn’t ask for a better helper right now.