Baby shower and girlfriend mushiness

I’m so excited about the baby shower tomorrow. It’ll be so nice to feel like I’m ready for the baby. Stephanie and Laura are hosting it for me and I know they’ve been working really hard. It’s so funny how those two friendships evolved.

I used to work for Laura, but she’s just a total love bug dairy farmer’s daughter from Wisconsin. She loves babies, weddings…anything having to do with family. When I found out we were having a boy I couldn’t wait to tell her about it because the payoff was going to be HUGE. If it’s possible, I think she was more excited than we were. Who could resist that? I remember her telling me she was praying for Dave and I to get engaged, then when we did she held the bridal shower in her beautiful home, then was at our wedding, and now the baby shower. I know so much about her family, even that her mother never travels anywhere without a pound of butter. It’s a Wisconsin thing. Her son is a very impressive young man, and her husband and she make the cutest couple. I suspect Laura’s always going to be a part of our lives.

Then Stephanie and I met the first day of kindergarten when Sophia started school. Her daughter’s name is Sophie and our girls were in the same class, so we just sort of bonded right away over that. Because I worked for Laura at the time and was only about 15 minutes from the school, I got to do a lot of afternoon classroom stuff during lunch hours. Stephanie really took the school thing on all the way. She was on the school board, volunteering in the classroom, and was the class picture person (mini art history presentations). She was so happy, sweet, and kind to me when I walked into a situation that I was so scared to step into. My ex had been on quite a smear campaign during our divorce and I didn’t know who had bought into the gossip and who hadn’t. But I had heard some pretty nasty stuff and was really feeling like was not on my own turf on that first day of school. But she was warm, welcoming, and happily, quite able to think for herself. So we slowly got to know each other over the past couple of years and I’m so glad we did. This year our daughters enter 3rd grade together. Stephanie and her family have become very important to all of us and we consider them part of the family. When I started having contractions the other night, she ran right over, stating, “I need to come help Dave. He can’t do all of this by himself.” There were so many things to pull together and we thought we were going to the hospital. She sat with me and rubbed my back when the contractions were just blindingly painful, helped Dave with house stuff…Oh my God I can’t believe anyone could be that readily giving. At one point I looked up and she was walking through my living room with a garbage bag, taking the trash out from the various rooms.

She’ll actually be in the delivery room when Will is born. I’m really happy we get to share that.

I feel like these two very special ladies have been good friends and in their own way have taken very good care of me. How can you thank that? What in the world can you do or say to let people like that know that you are acutely aware of how lucky you are to have them in your life?

In fact, there isn’t a single person who will be there who I don’t look at and think, “Damn I’m so impressed that I get to know you.” I must admit that I’ve been really blessed to meet some truly kick ass women. All of them are smart, funny, talented, and great company. Of course, there are a couple out of state who I really regret can’t be there, but they’ve already been there for me throughout the pregnancy in their own ways.

Especially Sandra. She always checks in on me and cracked me up when she went on a real baby stuff bender. One evening I got home from work to find a box that was literally bulging with baby clothes, blankets, towels, and toys. When we opened it, the contents nearly doubled in size. I swear I do not know how she got that box sealed up. Oh Sandra…that’s a whole other story. We have been through all of it together. Up, down, sideways, on pause, and fast forward. In fact, she moved me up here from Houston. Helped me pack the Uhaul and hopped in the car for the drive up, then later ended up moving here herself. Now she lives out on the east coast with her very sweet husband and beautiful daughter. I’d give anything to yank that landmass between us up in a total cartoon maneuver so that her town was right next to mine on delivery day.

Ahh pregnancy hormones. Clearly we’re in one of those mushy phases tonight. 🙂

Oh yeah…the baby shower. Yes. It’s tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to it. Wander around much?