Extra nesty with a side of Wist

Dave spent the past few days ripping up the old cream carpet in our room and then painting the walls Celtic Gray, a really pretty light grayish-blue. After eyeballing our lonely old bed in there, I started thinking that it would be nice to finally have a real bedroom. We’ve always stashed ourselves in whatever space is left and never really bothered decorating for ourselves. Dave loves visiting hotels, so I’m taking inspiration from a couple of our favorites. This clip from Elle Decor pretty much pegs what we’re going for:

With the exception of the 2 new lamps, most everything was found by shopping in our basement, which is pretty satisfying. Now—I wish I could do everything I want to be able to do! But this baby is forcing me to keep to the couch. As soon as I start moving around, he reminds me that I’m not supposed to be on my feet with a swift contraction across the back & abdomen. How completely counter-intuitive to a hyper-nesty pregnant lady! So for the time-being, my urge to decorate is relegated to my Wist.