Sunday evening and the meaning of Will

Over the weekend Sophia really rolled up her sleeves and decided she was going to take on some extra chores to help out around the house. Dave and I were so impressed and touched by her initiative that we decided a treat run to Toys R Us was in order. So last night we all piled up in the car and made a couple stops, first to Babies R Us to look at a glider and other sundry items for “our baby” (according to Sophia). I had spotted this chair at and wanted to see it in person. So insanely comfy and super cute that we put a down payment on it. Plus we found it was on sale for $150 off if you bought the ottoman, so that was essentially free. Done! Ours!

Then while wandering around in the stroller section, where we decided this is the stroller for us, Dave started scanning the infant carriers. He informed me that, “I don’t think we’ll even need a stroller because I’m never going to put him down. You might not even get to hold him.” Aww!!!!

Sheesh. I remember when we were dating and I told him I had kids, how his face went a little white. Now look at him. He’s such a great step dad and he’s going to be an amazing father to Will. I find it so amusing that the guy with the Black Flag tattoo on his arm is such a mush pot for baby gear. Love it!

Between my husband being so excited about his son that he claims he’ll never put him down and my youngest daughter laying claim to him as “our baby”, I’m just a big squishy love bug right now.

Looking around on OhDeeDoh earlier I found a link to this site that provides reviews of names from the people who have them. After looking through the feedback from other Williams in the world, I’m stunned that the notion of our baby being called “Willie Wanker” never occurred to me. Kids are so mean.

Alana, Dave, Autumn, and Sophia also had some interesting information. I never realized my name was Hawaiian and always assumed my parents picked it for the Gaelic origin. My mom grew up in Hawaii, but who knows how they really ended up settling on that. It was 1970.