Oh my God.

I’m 32 weeks pregnant as of tomorrow. WAIT!!! I’m not ready yet! Dave still has to finish off our bedroom so the baby has a room and I’m loving all the kicks and flips that are going on in my belly. It’s like I went from barely being pregnant to the timer going off with hardly any middle time.

When I turned 18, I remember my friend Joey telling me how everything will triple in speed from that point on. It took forever to be 18, then in a flash I was 28, and I barely blinked and turned 38. With Autumn it seemed like I was pregnant forever, and with this baby it seems like I only got to be pregnant for a few weeks. Sophia is already almost 8, which does not seem at all possible and Autumn only has a year and a half left before she turns 18. I’m going to see my old friend Andrew today, who doesn’t seem like he’s been that far out of touch but I realized last night the last time I saw him was when I was pregnant with Sophia. How does this happen???

Oh Life, please slow down a bit. It’s a good one and I’m having such a great time. I finally have a great husband who makes me feel comfortable, confident, and happy for the first time ever. I have 2 beautiful daughters and a son on the way who I’m sure is going to provide endless entertainment if he’s half as goofy as his sisters.

What can I do to make this last part last? Walk a little slower? Breathe a little deeper? I wish I could just sit in a field somewhere and feel every last second of this pregnancy since I know it’ll be the last one I get to experience.

Oh! I almost forgot!!

Dave and I have long searched for some little thing that we can source and sell in a retail environment. -Not expecting to be rolling in dough, but just for fun and maybe some extra $$. That led to us launching Let’s Picnic, a site full of goodies for outdoor dining. I’ve been steadily adding new items every day, so if you see a couple things you like, check back soon and there will probably be more. Hopefully if you fall in love with a little thing or two, you can use this coupon code to get 15% off: LAUNCH609.

Off to nest!