How to be a mother, hair where, and summer school

In my search for good mothering role models, I’ve had lots of inspiration. My stepmother was and is an amazing woman, but she was only married to my father until I was about 10. I still have lots of wonderful memories of her, though, and I’m so glad she’s still a part of my life. I grew up with my father and am the only girl out of 3 brothers. I thank God for my Grandma Waters, my fabulous Aunt Haydee, and the “Steel Magnolias” Cousin Haydee, Aunt Patty, Aunt Rae, and Cookie. Holy mole those ladies are a force of nature. Nothing but love, great advice, support, and lots of stories. I can’t remember a single time that any of them ever expressed disappointment at who I am. The occasional stink eye, yes, but they never made me feel like I wasn’t a good person with lots of potential.

I try really hard to be a peaceful and supportive mom. We spend a lot of time in our house just visiting, playing, planning, and always-always eating our meals together. Good manners are non-negotiable and I bristle at anyone who tells me to chill out on that. Young ladies and a little gentleman…that’s what we’re after here. Well-bred, self-assured, happy, successful, confident, peaceful, healthy, funny…not necessarily in that order. Confidence doesn’t come when you’re constantly told that what you’re doing is wrong. And without confidence, you won’t strive for anything because you’ve been conditioned not to believe in yourself.

Aunt Haydee called me last night. She’s upset because *somebody* changed the day of her weekly hair appointment. She’s been going on the same day, same time for years and now she can’t get used to remembering her appointment. She asked how the baby is and I told her we were naming him James William. -William for Uncle Dub, her husband. She said she loves that name and thinks it’s really nice. We joked about how if our son has half the spark that Uncle Dub did, he’ll be a real character. What a gene pool…my goofy husband and a great-great grand nephew of the infamous Dub Waters. Wow. This guy is going to be one of a kind.

This morning Dave and I thought it would be hilarious if we pretended to forget that it’s summer vacation. We nagged Sophia about her backpack, asked if she remembered her spelling words, then drove past the school on the way to the sitter. She thought we were nuts. The look on her face…oh it was great! Then she challenged us. She said that she didn’t think we could out prank her and that she’s the top prankster in the house.

Game on Fifi. Game on.