Motivation and other various household items

This past weekend Dave, Sophia, and I spent doing all sorts of odd jobs around the house. We took Sophia to Kenpo, planted a weeping cherry blossom tree & a lilac bush, installed a wrought iron plant hanger, put together the new dining chairs, hosted a sleepover for Sophia, made crafts with the girls, cooked dinner, put together Sophia’s new bed, cleaned the bathroom, finished installing her closet organizer and sorted through the clothes to donate. —And that was just Saturday. Sunday we lined the front walk with red brick, cleaned the front of the house, and started planning the garden.

Mother’s Day a pushy little piglet woke me up at 6:30 asking if she can get the hamster out to play. After being told no, I was visited in 30 minute intervals until I finally got up and gave in. All I could think was, “How is it this kid can get up and get dressed at 6:30 on a Sunday morning but tomorrow we’ll have to get a pry bar and beg and plead with her to get out of bed at 7?” 30 minutes later she would no doubt still be sitting on the edge of the bed with one sock on, crazy hair, and if we’re lucky a mis-matched pair of pants and shirt. Motivation is a fickle thing.