Dear Baby

You are kicking my bladder so hard today. The last couple of baths I’ve taken have been spent watching my belly roll around like a 70’s water bed. Your daddy still hasn’t really felt too much, but your kicks are getting so much stronger every day that I know it’ll be soon. He’s out of town for work this week and I feel like he’s going to miss the first big ones, which is a bummer. He and I went to the store the other night and he was uncharacteristically happy shopping around for little boy outfits. -Uncharacteristic because he hates shopping. Every little shirt or jumper he picked up made him grin. I know he can’t wait to meet you and it’s so nice to see him this excited.

Your big sister was laying on my lap the other evening and you pushed her in the head. She felt it, looked up, and then kept giggling. She’s so excited about you that it’s all she talks about. She makes it a point to talk to you every day and no matter what we end up naming you, I know you’ll always be James to her.

There’s enough movement now that I never feel alone. I always have my little guy with me no matter where I go. Just lay off the bladder a little, will ya? I have a long meeting to sit through.