23 week check up

I just got back from the doctor’s office and my 23 week check up. Good, strong heart beat that we can actually hear now instead of the weird Doppler whooshing. He’s perfect in every way, completely healthy, and growing right on track. I’ve only gained a pound since my last check up, so I clearly learned my lesson from previous pregnancies.

We’ve had some unusually stressful days over the past couple of weeks. Life stuff coming at us, dealing with a teenager and all the ethereal issues that float around them. Some stuff you can help, some stuff you can’t, and all you can do is do your best. But the result of the strain has been some scary cramping that’s come and gone depending on the situation du jour. It’s been pretty strong and comes in waves, causing me to worry even more that now the pregnancy is in danger. So the doctor tells me to drink lots of water, lots of peeing (no full bladder) and lots of rest on my left side so we don’t further strain the pregnancy.

The fun news is that the hospital has a Tyke Hike program for younger big sisters & brothers-to-be. Sophia will be so excited! They take them on a tour of the hospital, the nursery, then they watch a video on how to be a good big sibling and get a coloring book. She’s so excited about the baby. It’s about half of what she talks about these days. She’s been calling the baby James and advised us the other night that since she’s already started this practice that we will have to keep the name so as not to cause him confusion. I explained this is not like licking a doughnut and calling dibs, but that James is a serious contender.