Jenny Lind

I’ve been looking for the perfect midwestern farmhouse-style set of twin beds for Sophia’s room now that we sold her old bunkbed. Something that looks like it should have antique quilts folded over the foot. In that search I kept running across the Jenny Lind design. I’ve seen tons of cribs over the years and finally wondered who Jenny Lind was.

Wikipedia article on Jenny Lind

Turns out the design is named for her because that’s the style of bed she slept in during her tour of North America. She was a very sweet, modest opera singer from Sweden who inspired a lot of people to name many things and places after her.

And there’s your “didn’t really need to know it but it’s kind of neat info” tidbit for the day.

As for the rest of Sophia’s room, we’re going to do a white chair rail with white bead board below and light blue paint above. I found these beds for $75 each on the internet and a couple of really cute vintage-y quilts at Marshall’s for $30 a pop. I am the bargain-hunting trophy master!

Nesting much? Since I don’t have a room to fix for the baby, I’m taking it all out on Sophia. Don’t feel sorry for her. She’s a willing recipient.