Andrew Bird

Last night Autumn and I went to the Civic Opera House to see Andrew Bird. She took a train from home and made her way over to my office only to realize that the venue was across the street from Union Station. Doh!

I was so excited to take her to a show where I knew I’d be able to sit down, not be overwhelmed by screaming (when did THAT happen?), and there would be true, developed musicianship to admire. I want her to know that it’s a good thing to study your instrument to the point where it’s an extension of your hands and you can act through it effortlessly. -That you can still make rock music and be deeply educated about what you do.

Rock stars + college degrees = good thing. No matter your passion, educate yourself about it.

Anyway, about half way through the show she looked at me and leaned her head onto my shoulder. Holy crap! That hasn’t happened in YEARS. A teenager in a crowd of cool people openly displaying affection toward her mother. Call Leonard Nemoy! We found her!

Through all the craziness with her grades, fighting, getting acclimated to her new school, and just being a hormonal teenage girl, I figured at that moment I must be doing something right.

Finally. Thank God.