Boing Boom Chuck….Ping!

These days I usually lay in bed at night with my hand on my lower belly waiting for the pings and thuds to be strong enough for Dave to feel. Last night the bean was pushing a little harder than usual, so he finally got to feel something.

It was so much fun feeling the thud on the inside and looking at him, seeing that he had felt it on the outside.

I’ve been thinking about daycare and remembered something darkly funny that happened when Sophia first started going. We got a call from the school because Sophia had well-established herself as the class biter. The other kids started calling her “Shark Baby”. Her record was 5 kids in 1 day. Being almost a year younger that the rest and a small kid for her age anyway, I think it was the only way she could establish her turf. I’m ashamed to admit I thought it was kind of funny that the bigger kids in her class were actually scared of her. The only way we could break her of the habit was to teach her to kiss instead. So she’d get really tough, then rear up and kiss someone’s arm in the meanest way possible. There was no doubt she was pissed, but the end result of her aggression was this anti-climatic hate-filled smooch.

Autumn, on the other hand, was always just such a mellow kid. As sweet and quiet then as she is now. She never stayed up all night screaming, was generally happy, and NEVER bit anyone. It’s so funny how their early dispositions are pretty much exactly who they’ve turned out to be. Sophia is all go-go-go-GO-GO-GO, a fairly accomplished slob but a serious student, and a total ham. Autumn is quiet, an amazingly organized neat freak, tolerates school, and much more of an observer than a performer.