Knock knock

I have these little thumps going on in my belly this morning that aren’t strong enough to feel on the outside, but I can feel them on the inside.

It feels like when you put a butterfly in a glass jar and they thump around trying to fly. Just soft little knocks and pings.

This has been going on for a couple of weeks now, but they’re getting stronger. I can’t wait for Dave and the girls to be able to feel the baby moving on the outside. Sophia has really taken on a very maternal role toward her baby sibling. She insisted that the crib go in her room, though we’ll have the baby in a co-sleeper in our room for quite a while. She also talks to him/her and listens to my belly to see if she can hear anything.

Saturday she and I went to Ikea to pick up the crib. When we got home and set it all up, she started laying little stuffed animals in it, getting it all set up for the baby. We even put the linens on because I just couldn’t help the urge to prep for a baby that won’t be here until September. Hormones.

In the meantime, I’ll accept shopping as a reasonable alternative to actually holding my little bean. Whatever happened to all those wonderful Phillippe Starck goodies that flooded Target when I had Sophia? I was pretty well-stocked when she was a wee-one, but not planning on another addition, we regretfully sold or gave away most of our baby gear inventory. Not such a big deal, since so much has changed even in these past 8 years. Lots of great design, with nary a fuzzy bunny diaper bag in sight.